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Scientific Publications


  1. Endoprosthetic reconstruction using total femoral custom mega prosthesis in malignant bone tumours
    Natarajan MV, Balasubramanian N, Jayasankar V, Sameer M.
    Int Orthop.2009 Oct:33(5) :1359-63.

  2. Staged Sacrectomy – an adaptive approach
    Rajaraman Ramamurthy, Jagadish Chandra Bose, Vimalakannan Muthusamy, Natarajan, Deiveegan Kunjithpatham
    J.Neurosurg:Spine.2009 Sep;Vol.11\285-294.

  3. Custom prosthetic replacement for distal radial tumours
    Natarajan MV, Chandra Bose J, Viswanath J, Balasubramanian N, Sameer M.
    Int Orthop. 2009 Aug; 33(4): 1081-4.

  4. Limb salvage surgery complimented by customised mega prosthesis for malignant fibrous histiocytomas of bone
    Natarajan MV, Paraskumar M, Chandra Bose J, Shashidhar R.A.
    J Orthop Surg: 2007 Dec; 15(3) 352 –6.

  5. Surgical management of neglected fractures of the patella
    Uvaraj NR, Mayil Vahanan N, Sivaseelam A, Mohd. Sameer M, Basha IM
    Injury. 2007 Aug; 38(8): 979-83.

  6. The role of limb salvage surgery and custom mega prosthesis in multiple myeloma
    Natarajan MV, Mohanlal P, Bose JC.
    Acta Orthop Belg. 2007 Aug; 73(4) : 462.

  7. The functional and oncological results after scapulectomy for scapular tumours
    Mayil Vahanan N, Mohanlal P, Bose JC, Gangadharan R, Karthisundar V.
    2-16 year results. Int Orthop 2007; 831-8.

  8. Custom mega-prosthetic replacement for proximal humeral tumours
    Mayil Vahanan N, Paraskumar M, Sivaseelam A, Natarajan S.
    Int Orthop. 2006 Jun; 30(3): 158-62.

  9. Distal femoral tumours treated by resection and custom mega prosthetic replacement
    Natarajan MV, Sivaseelam A, Ayappan S, Bose JC, Sampath Kumar M.
    Int Orthop. 2005 Oct; 29(5) : 309-13.

  10. Paget’s sarcoma – limb salvage by custom mega prosthesis - four case reports
    Mayil Vahanan N, Bose JC, Paras Kumar M, Rajkumar G, Sivaseelam A, Natarajan S, Jaheer H.
    J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong). 2004 Dec; 12(2) : 243-7.

  11. Limb salvage in aggressive and malignant tumours of the fibula
    Natarajan M, Paras Kumar M, Rajkumar G, Sivaseelam A, Natarajan S.
    Int Orthop 2004 Oct; 28(5) : 307-10.

  12. Custom megaprosthetic replacement for proximal tibial tumours
    Natarajan MV, Sivaseelam A, Rajkumar G, Hussain SH.
    Int Orthop. 2003 Dec; 27(6) : 334-7.

  13. Proximal femoral reconstruction with custom mega prosthesis
    Natarajan M, Bose JC, Rajkumar G.
    Int Orthop 2003 Jun; 27(3) : 175-9.

  14. Using a custom mega prosthesis to treat hydatidosis of bone : A report of 3 cases
    Natarajan MV, Kumar AK, Sivaseelam A, Iyakutty P, Raja M, Rajagopal T.S.
    J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong). 2002 Dec; 10(2) : 203-5.

  15. Low levels of p53 mutations in indian patients with osteosarcoma and the correlation with fluoride levels in bone
    Ramesh N, Vijayaraghavan AS, Desai BS, Natarajan M, Murthy PB, Pillai KS.
    J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol 2001 Sep; 20(3) : 237-43.

  16. The saddle prosthesis in periacetabular tumours
    Natarajan MV, Bose JC, Mazhavan V, Rajagopal TS, Selvam K.
    Int Orthop 2001 Feb; 25(2): 107-9.

  17. Limb salvage in distal tibial osteosarcoma using a custom mega prosthesis
    Natarajan MV, Annamalai K, Williams S, Selvaraj R, Rajagopal TS.
    Int Orthop 2000 Oct; 24(5):282–4.

  18. Limbs salvage surgery for pathological fractures in osteosarcoma
    Natarajan MV, Govardhan RH, Williams S, Rajagopal TS.
    Int Orthop 2000 Jun; 24(3): 170-2. 76


List of Publications in Journals not included in Medical Databases, Medical Literature Analysis and Retreival System (MEDLARS)


  1. Limb salvage in bone tumours by custom prosthesis
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, V.Shantha
    Proceedings of the XVI International Cancer Congress 1994 – pages 2437 -2440.

  2. The Indian Scenario in Limb Salvage by Custom Prosthesis. Current Trends in Limb Salvage
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan - M.Natarajan, V.Shantha and S. Krishnamurthy.
    Singapore - Pages 111 to 113.

  3. Custom Prosthesis. Madras Scenario. Orthopaedic Proceedings
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, M.Natarajan, V.Shantha, S. Krishnamurthy.
    J.Bone Joint Surg (Br) Supplement III 1993. Page 261 (1993)

  4. Limb Salvage by Custom Prosthesis. Madras Experience. Recent Advances in Musculo Skeletal Oncology.
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, V.Shantha and S.Krishnamurthi.
    Ed. A. Uchida, K.Ono - Springer Verlac Tokyo 1992, Pages 173 to 178 , (1992)

  5. The Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan. Chondrosarcoma of the Spine.
    Vol. 64, No.6, Page 862. (June 1990)

  6. Limb Salvage in Malignant Bone Tumours by Custom Prosthesis. The Journal of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, V.Shantha, S.Krishnamurthy.
    Vol. 64, No.6, Page 682. (June 1990)

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